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Avalanche Rescue


Searching Victim using Avalanche Rod
  8.         If the victim was not carrying AVD then avalanche rod can be used to search the victim. With the help of avalanche road search can be carried out in two ways:-
  (a)       Coarse Probing.       Probabilities of recovering a victim by coarse probing are 70%. In coarse probing complete rescue team stands in a line keeping person to person distance of 75 cm. On the orders of team leader rescue team moves two steps ahead and probes the ground between the feet. Same drill is followed till the last end of marked area. If any of the member suspects the presence of victim during probing he reports it to the leader and that place is dug to take the victim out.
(b)       Fine Probing.                        Probabilities of recovering the victim by fine probing are 99%. Fine probing is also done in the same way as coarse probing is but the difference is that in fine probing the team moves one step ahead and probes right, left and between the feet.
Avalanche Rescue Dog
9.         Availability of avalanche rescue dog makes a search operation very fast and easy. Dog can smell the victim buried 20 m deep in the snow.(
  (a)       Route should be along the ridge line. Avoid walking on cornice.
(b)       Team should not move laterally across an avalanche prone slope, it should move straight up, then cross the avalanche prone slope from the highest point and then move straight down.
(c)        If possible route should pass through trees, bushes and boulders.
(d)       There should be no cornice above the route selected.
(e)       Avoid route along a nala or a very narrow valley.
Avalanche Slope Crossing Drill
4.         A team moving in an avalanche prone area should follow the following drills while crossing avalanche prone slopes:-
Actions carried out when caught  in an Avalanche
10.       The chances of survival were estimated at 85% percent within 15 minutes, 50% within 30 minutes, 20% within one hour. Time being of paramount importance it is vital that an immediate search and rescue operation be launched rather than waiting for help to arrive. Chances of a buried victim being found alive and rescued are increased when everyone in a group is carrying and using standard avalanche equipment, and are being trained in how to use it.

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