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Avalanche Rescue Operation at Khilanmarg:
On 08 Feb 2010, 301 trainees of HAWS were reported to be trapped under massive snow avalanche triggered from Lilly white (beata top of Apharwat) Gujjar Hut (Khilanmarg). One ART of 36 persons under Col Virinder Singh, Principal JIM & WS moved immediately to the avalanche site and rescued approx 80 Army personnel.

River Lidder Rescue Operation (11-12 JUN 2011):
On 11 June 2011 near Nunwan area of Pahalgam, two private vehicles carrying six persons skid off from the road and fell into the riverLidderat around 2130 hrs. SHO Pahalgam requested the Principal Jawahar (JIM & WS) for the help. The Institute immediately launched its rescue team. The teams worked overnight for nine hours and rescued the people from the crumble car.

Rescue River Vaishav Checkpora Kulgam:
On 09 Sep 2012, due to heavy rains four persons got stuck up in the river Vaishavat Checkpora area of Kulgam. JIM&WS launched rescue team managed and rescued the persons alive within twenty-five minutes with tremendous efforts. This was the third operation of the year conducted by JIM&WS.




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